Aren't they perfect? Hahaizzzz... I hope I also have this what they so-called "Vampire lover" but, I'm not quite sure if they really exist. If ever they exist, then why not? right? shocking but somehow it is true.

i really don't know why I'm so addict with Twilight when in fact the first time that I watch it, i thought it was so boring. But as what people say, "It is better the second time around"and there, I watch it again. Then, a realization came like a lighting in just a "boom" my impression had change. From boring to extra kilig!

Actually, I am so jealous on Bella, imagine? two hunks fighting to win her attention....i mean love? Amazing right? How I wish I am Bella, but sorry I'm not beautiful like her and i don't have the talent to act. However, I'm 50% sure that  I'm a better singer than her (Ha-Ha-Ha). Kidding aside, I really love twilight and I'm so inspired to right this blog though it is kinda wrong grammar.

Whatever!!! anyway I'm not so good in constructing paragraph but I believe that there is always a room for improvement.


Shenn Mae: For your information Vampires are already dead. So they don't have bloods anymore running on their body. Meaning, erection would not occur?

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