I was so disappointed with the reporter in our Filipino class yesterday because the reporter doesn’t know how to explain her report properly. The worst part of it, she is an education student and as far as I am concern a teacher should know what she will tell to her students, but she ruined it.

I became more disappointed when she was not able to express well the simple difference between "Hagdan and Hagdanan". God knows how lousy she was during her report. Our teacher even scolded her and I know she was so embarrassed but, I think it is just appropriate since she presented a very lousy report (she should accept the consequences.)

I know I don't have the right to criticize someone if I know exactly what it feels to report (not knowing my topic is) but, at least I can give my own example which is (I think..) right. Honestly speaking, I was so bored during that time and I know not just me, but also my classmates. I just hope that she will learn her lesson and study her topic properly so that she will not repeat the same mistake again.

I'm not actually referring to all the future teachers or the education students since I know that most of them are responsible enough to do their job. It is not my intention to offend any of  them  I am just expressing what I think is right. But, if you're offended then it is not my fault anymore.

Aren't they perfect? Hahaizzzz... I hope I also have this what they so-called "Vampire lover" but, I'm not quite sure if they really exist. If ever they exist, then why not? right? shocking but somehow it is true.

i really don't know why I'm so addict with Twilight when in fact the first time that I watch it, i thought it was so boring. But as what people say, "It is better the second time around"and there, I watch it again. Then, a realization came like a lighting in just a "boom" my impression had change. From boring to extra kilig!

Actually, I am so jealous on Bella, imagine? two hunks fighting to win her attention....i mean love? Amazing right? How I wish I am Bella, but sorry I'm not beautiful like her and i don't have the talent to act. However, I'm 50% sure that  I'm a better singer than her (Ha-Ha-Ha). Kidding aside, I really love twilight and I'm so inspired to right this blog though it is kinda wrong grammar.

Whatever!!! anyway I'm not so good in constructing paragraph but I believe that there is always a room for improvement.